the blokes!

brahmesh puttannaiah

a hardcore software engineer: and loving every minute of it mind you. for some people walking and running just isn’t enough. throw in some diving, jumping and gliding and there you have it. brams is passionate about paragliding, parasailing and bungee jumping. he may even get some skydiving done if he feels like a stretch during the car ride home. brams followed his love for travel all across europe, america and parts of africa. he humbly calls himself an amateur photographer but hasn’t failed to capture the best during his treks in india and the uk. fond of chocolates it could have been his biggest motivation driving across europe. The only thing he is not looking forward to during the trip is missing his daughter. and his wife, of course.

bharath devanathan

coo, angel investor: some of the hats bhatta has to wear to work. although his favorite hat remains that of a traveller. having travelled to about 35 countries and backpacked by himself across western europe and eastern europe he loves having the sky as the only form of shelter. after trekking up north america, trekking down south america, trekking across europe and trekking around india, staying indoors now seems a bit difficult. he will jump the highest and run the fastest when it’s all about the flying disc – frisbee. did the same at the world frisbee championship in london recently.

harish garg

a line. a swoosh. a curve. another classic design is born. a fashion designer by day and an adventure seeker every other day. one of sandalwood’s most coveted fashion designer, guruji travelled from bangalore to the himalayas by only hitching rides from lorry drivers. an nift graduate, he soon became a recipient of some of the illustrious fashion designer awards in the country. now even he has mastered the art of striking a pose – in the form of an asana. guruji is capable of practicing and teaching yoga anywhere and to anyone. passionate about meeting new people and experiencing diverse cultures he is incapable of one thing –compromising on a dosa from vidyarthi bhavan.

rohit prasad

a software architect: a developer for life. making design choices at work all day, he makes some composition choices when he picks up a camera too. a wannabe photographer, it turned out to be a useful talent to have when you are a trekking enthusiast. roz has done over 20 treks across landscapes in india, australia, new zealand, england and america. he is an ardent fan of the indian-pale-ale and a bigger fan of desserts. his love for music forms a perfect combination with his love for driving. seriously, he loves driving.