For now tentative, but detailed itinerary, for planning purposes

Stage Day Date Itinerary Details Sleep at
Stage 1Day 030-Jun-2016Depart Swindon first thing in the morning, take the Dover to Calais Ferry at noon, reach Lille by 3pm, and get into the futbol fever!Lille, France
Stage 1Day 101-Jul-2016The Euro2016 day. Witness the QF at 9pmLille, France
Stage 1Day 202-Jul-2016300km, 3hrs drive to Luxembourg CityLuxembourg City, Luxembourg
Stage 1Day 303-Jul-2016230km, 2.5hrs drive to StrasbourgStrasbourg, France
Stage 1Day 404-Jul-2016290km, 3hrs drive to InterlakenInterlaken, Switzerland
Stage 1Day 505-Jul-2016200km, 2.5hrs drive to LiechtensteinLiechtenstein, Switzerland
Stage 1Day 606-Jul-2016350km, 4hrs drive to SalzburgSalzburg, Austria
Stage 1Day 707-Jul-2016Rest day for local sights and beersSalzburg, Austria
Stage 1Day 808-Jul-2016300km, 3hrs drive to LjubljanaLjubljana, Slovenia
Stage 1Day 909-Jul-2016280km, 4hr drive to Plitvice Lakes National Park, CroatiaPlitvice Lakes, Croatia
Stage 1Day 1010-Jul-2016Rest day for a day at the national parkPlitvice Lakes, Croatia
Stage 1Day 1111-Jul-2016260km, 3hr drive to SplitSplit, Croatia
Stage 1Day 1212-Jul-2016750km, 8hrs drive to BudapestBudapest, Hungary
Stage 1Day 1313-Jul-2016650km, 6.5hrs drive to KrakówKraków, Poland
Stage 2Day 1414-Jul-2016300km, 4rs drive to WarsawWarsaw, Poland
Stage 2Day 1515-Jul-2016460km, 6.5hrs drive to VilniusVilnius, Lithuania
Stage 2Day 1616-Jul-2016100km ,1.5hrs drive to KaunasKaunas, Lithuania
Stage 2Day 1717-Jul-2016200km, 2.5hrs drive to KlaipėdaKlaipėda, Lithuania
Stage 2Day 1818-Jul-2016220km, 3hrs drive to VentspilsVentspils, Latvia
Stage 2Day 1919-Jul-2016200km, 2.5hrs drive to Riga Riga, Latvia
Stage 2Day 2020-Jul-2016300km, 4hrs drive to TallinnTallinn, Estonia
Stage 2Day 2121-Jul-2016Arrive at St. Petersburg after border formalities and explore local sights and barsSt. Petersburg
Stage 3Day 2222-Jul-2016Local tourist activities in St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg
Stage 3Day 23..3023-Jul..30-Jul-2016Rough route would be via Moscow, Suzdal, Kazan, Kazakhstan border (Podgorodka border crossing)
Stage 3Day 31..3731-Jul..06-Aug-2016Drive across Kazakhstan. Route would be via Astana, Almaty, Horgox
Stage 3Day 3807-Aug-2016Reach Horgos, Almaty and prepare for border crossingHorgos, Almaty
Stage 4Day 3908-Aug-2016Enter China border, Border crossing and deal with the related procedures at the border, then driveto Yi'ning (NAVO service starts) 120km, 2hrs driveYi'ning
Stage 4Day 4009-Aug-2016Drive to the Yining traffic administration office (car plates), then drive to Kuitun. 470km, 6.5hrs drive Kuitun
Stage 4Day 4110-Aug-2016430km, 5.5hrs drive to Turpan basin, which is called flaming land as it hot weather, but it is a nice oasis in the desert, fruit is famous here, especially the sweet grapes, lowest altitude is 155 meters lower than the sea level, the lowest place in China and the second of the worldTurpan
Stage 4Day 4211-Aug-2016410km, 5.5hrs drive to Hami, visit Bezekilik thousand Buddhist caveHami
Stage 4Day 4312-Aug-2016490km, 5hrs drive Dunhuang, entering into Gansu province from XinjiangDunhuang
Stage 4Day 4413-Aug-2016Visit Dunhuang Grottos in the morning, then 540km, 8hrs drive to GolmudGolmud
Stage 4Day 4514-Aug-2016420km, 8hrs drive to Tuotuohe railway station, where the source of river Yangzi river is located, the altitude is 4800mTuotuohe station
Stage 4Day 4615-Aug-2016420km, 9hrs drive to Nagqu, and climb over the Tanggulashan Pass, which is atan altitude of 5231mNamqu
Stage 4Day 4716-Aug-2016340km, 7.5hrs drive to the capital city of Tibet, holy city LhasaLhasa
Stage 4Day 4817-Aug-2016Rest Day. Potala palace, Bakuo street, Jokong MonasteryLhasa
Stage 4Day 4918-Aug-2016360km, 8.5hrs drive to Shigatse via Gyantse, Yamdork lakeShigatse
Stage 4Day 5019-Aug-2016340km, 7.5hrs drive to Mt. Everest base camp, stay in local yurtsEBC
Stage 4Day 5120-Aug-2016360km, 8.5hrs drive back to Shigatse, visit Tashihunpo monasteryShigatse
Stage 4Day 5221-Aug-2016360km, 8.5hrs drive back to LhasaLhasa
Stage 4Day 5322-Aug-2016400km, 9hrs drive to Nyinchi via the "Sichuan - Tibet Highway" G318Nyingchi
Stage 4Day 5423-Aug-2016360km, 8hrs drive to RanwuRanwu
Stage 4Day 5524-Aug-2016300km, 6.5hrs drive to ZuogongZuogong
Stage 4Day 5625-Aug-2016375km, 8.5hrs drive to Deqin, exit Tibet into Yunnan provinceDeqin
Stage 4Day 5726-Aug-2016350km, 6.5hrs drive to Lijiang, very nice place, visit many wine barsLijiang
Stage 4Day 5827-Aug-2016200km, 2.5hrs drive to Dali, which is also a nice ancient city on the bank of Erhai LakeDali
Stage 4Day 5928-Aug-2016400km, 5hrs drive to Ruili, prepare for border crossingRuili
Stage 5Day 6029-Aug-2016Ruili-Muse-Lashio exit China and enter Burma. After clearing customs and immigration formalities, proceed to Muse. Then drive to MandalayMandalay
Stage 5Day 6130-Aug-2016Drive to Monywa, about 3 hours. Afternoon walk through this small townMonywa
Stage 5Day 6231-Aug-2016Drive to Kalay, about 4 hours. Lsat day in BurmaKalay
Stage 5Day 6301-Sep-2016Head to the Tamu border and exit Burma
Stage 5Day 64..7402-Sep..12-Sep-2016After immigration & sorting out car import paperwork, make our way home to Bangalore via the NE region, and then the east coast of IndiaIndia
Stage 5Day 7513-Sep-2016Head straight to TOIT ! IPAs for the 4 of us on the house, promises ArunToit, Bangalore