A few years ago, one of us said “Guys, let’s drive our way back home!”
We were driving around in Europe at that point.

Another random conversation that could have passed off as a random thought.
We laughed back then… but we didn’t forget.

Today, we are making it happen. We are 4 guys driving from London to Bangalore.

Why? Because we love travel, people, places and food.
We saw no better way of experiencing these other than by driving on our own half way across the world.

Also, there were rumors about borders and we had to check for ourselves to believe it.
We believe in One World, One Race and we just want to make sure it still exists.


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NOW is the time! 2016, July, Aug & Sept it is, for us. All visas done for all 4 of us!
Yippee, we are all set!

We purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee
More Snaps
And for those really curious ones Detailed Itinerary

Who are we?
Just four guys with a passion to drive and travel!
Brams, Bhatta, Guruji & Roz

Stages of the Trip

splitting up the trip to various stages, for the convenience of putting together the logistics around it

Stage1: UK > France > Belgium > Luxembourg > Germany > Switzerland > Austria > Slovenia > Croatia > Hungary > Slovakia > Poland

About 3700km, 40 hours driving time. Taking our time, spending a lot of time in Europe. This stage gives us a lot of flexibility, thanks to the Schengen visa

Stage2: Poland > Lithuania > Latvia > Estonia > Russia (St Petersburg)

About 2200km, 27 hours driving time. Lovely eastern european country side, getting into second gear for the trip. WaGs welcome!

Stage3: Russia & Kazakhistan

About 5100km, 70 hours driving time. Time for some Vodka, and lots of driving and little bit of cycling as well

Stage4: China

About 6300km, 120 hours driving time. Across China, covering the length and breadth of it. Of course, we see Tibet and Everest as well

Stage5: Burma > India

About 4500km, 85 hours driving time. The exotic north-eastern region promises to provide us with a warm welcome-back to Hindustan!

Our Sponsors

May the lord bless their kind souls!

Tracking sponsor. The RantCell Pro mobile app will provide details on our current whereabouts

Drink sponsor. Lifestraw makes contaminated water safe to drink. And protects the environment from plastic bottles

Beer sponsor. Brewed beer is our only poison. Toit's IPA and Wiess is our favourite!